Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces.

Over the long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues

Did You Know?

According to the International Diabetes Federation:

  • 1 in 11 adults has diabetes (415 million).
  • 1 in 7 births is affected by gestational diabetes.
  • By 2040, 1 adult in 10 (642 million) will have diabetes.
  • Every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes (5.0 million deaths).
  • 5% of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed.
  • Three quarters of people with diabetes live in low and middle income countries.
  • 12% of global health expenditure is spent on diabetes ($673 billion).

Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes-International Diabetes Federation:

The guidelines & recommendations for type 2 diabetes prevention emphasize on lifestyle modifications aiming to reduce weight in those who are overweight with a goal to achieve at least a 5% to 7% of body weight loss.

Lifestyle changes include:

  • Controlling portion sizes.
  • Avoiding high sugary and sweetened foods and beverages
  • Reducing the frequency of eating out (where size and content of meals cannot be controlled)
  • Cutting the daily caloric intake by 500 to 600 kcal/day.
  • Increasing physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week.