Fun Food Facts


-Lemons contains more sugar than strawberries!

-On average, a person eats around 35 tons of food in his life!

-Ice cream is a Chinese dessert originally called: Milk Ice!

-It takes about 12 honeybees to produce one tablespoon of pure honey!

-There are over 500 different types of bananas!

-The French used to refer to the tomato as the “apple of love.”

-Potatoes are only are around 80% water and only 20% solids!

-In Japan, the top selling baby food is a sardine dish!

-The Average American Drinks 25 gallons of milk per year.

-Peanuts are used in the manufacturing of dynamite!

-There are over 15,000 varieties of rice!

-There are around 100,000 bacteria in one liter of drinking water!

-Corn is used inĀ  the production of new bio-diesel fuels that decrease environmental pollution!

What are the Latest Food and Diet Trends?

According to experts in Culinary Institute of America, people are currently becoming more open-minded about different tastes and flavors from the world, thus meaning not only mean tastier meals at home, but healthier restaurant eating, too.

The use of many ingredients is expected to rise in the next decade among which:

  • Fruits: Pomegranates, pistachios & peaches.
  • Exotic grains: Quinoa, millet & bulgur.
  • Bread Alternatives: Rice paper, tortillas & pita bread.
  • Middle Eastern Spices: Cardamom & zaatar( thyme) among many others.
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